How do you disinfect toenail fungus from socks?

Sweat is the enemy when it comes to mushrooms. It makes a home, like shoes, much more welcoming to them. The fungus has been declared eradicated and you are already getting new, transparent nails instead of the war-torn battlefields that once existed. Every time you put socks on, the fungus reenters your feet, so washing them regularly is the only way to get rid of the fungus present in the socks.

Unfortunately, most cases aren't discovered until the fungus has had a good chance of becoming ingrained in the toenail. I thought it was an excellent natural treatment for eliminating fungi, since it actually inhibits the growth of fungi. The laser treatment works by gently but effectively heating the nail plate to destroy the living fungus and its spores. In many cases, these treatments respond well and may not require any other option to eliminate foot fungus.

In conclusion, you can eliminate foot fungus from socks through these precautions and treatments.